R.J. Wright-Peters, CFTBS (Certified Feline Training and Behavior Specialist) is a retired health professional who started a pet rescue shelter in 2002. After rescuing approximately 1,000 cats and dozens of dogs (and a few birds and rabbits), she has become passionate about the plight of animals in need or in peril. Working with so many animals has led to an understanding of the emotional as well as physical aspects of their lives, often overlooked by those who may care, but settle for routine care as being sufficient.

This is a narrow view, shared by Dr. Peters herself in the beginning, but being close to them has led to many bonding experiences which gradually became a realization of their innate intelligence, often ignored or refuted by popular or traditional beliefs.

This in turn has led to an appreciation of the depth of their potential that most people never accept as possible and thus will never enjoy.

She says she has been blessed with the kinds of rewarding friendships few people see even in a totally human environment. Appreciating animals is the gift one receives by simply paying attention to their unconditional offerings of love and loyalty.

As part of her mission to help others see the connection we all have, or should step back and notice, she has written several books describing the relationship between us and our cats, with a view to improving the prospects of a good life for the cats.

“The people will be OK,” she said. “It’s the cats I worry about.”

So many of them are kicked out the back door if they don’t behave as expected….and there are about as many expectations as there are people. Cats are smart, but not even we are capable of reading each other’s minds. Why do people expect their cats to do it?

By sharing her insights, learned from living and working with so many feline guests in her home and shelter, Dr. Peters has helped scores of pet owners learn how to interact correctly and successfully with cats previously regarded as impossible.

Her first book, How to Make Your Cat Adore You, has sold to hundreds of cat lovers, most of whom have reported how their lives have changed because their cats are suddenly being cooperative. Since the cats didn’t read the book, it must be something she said in the book that helped the owners change.

Now, in Our Amazing Cats, Dr. Peters has collected short stories from some of her  friends who share her views and wanted to contribute to the future welfare of misunderstood kitties everywhere by sharing their own experiences.

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