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Books by R.J. Peters:

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Our Amazing Cats

More tales of feline inspiration


Our Amazing Cats, Vol. 2, is available in print format at




Our Amazing Cats book

Our Amazing Cats



Our Amazing Cats (Vol. 1) is availabe in print format at






How to Make Your Cat Adore You



“How to Make Your Cat Adore You” is available in ebook, Kindle or print formats at






Moving With Pets



“Moving With Pets” is available in ebook and Kindle formats at

Also available FREE as an Android app at





7 Steps to 9 Lives

7 Steps to 9 Lives



“7 Steps to 9 Lives” is available in ebook and Kindle formats at





Cat Lady Collection

Cat Lady Collection (Ebook Cover)



“The Cat Lady Collection: Articles for Cat Lovers” is available as an ebook at

Now also available in print format at



Cat Ownership

Making Cat Ownership Fun & Simple



Available as a Kindle book at

This book is a transcription of an interview by professional trainer Tracy Lenderink and cat rescuer and behavior expert, R.J. Peters.



And here’s a wonderful site by Terry McMahon where you can obtain “music for cat lovers!”

Music for Cat Lovers

Click on the image to go to the website.

This collection includes 9 songs about cats for your listening pleasure…and you don’t even have to be a cat lover! It helps, but if you don’t have any in your life, these songs will help you appreciate them anyway…or help you look forward to your next kitty companion. My favorites are Kitty Koncerto and Secret Agent Cat! But they’re all wonderful tunes with amusing or heart-warming lyrics…all accompanied by my favorite instrument, the piano!

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