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Here are a few questions and answers from my readers.

Q: Why does my cat insist that I eat with him? He won’t eat his food if I’m not nearby, also eating.

A: Has it not occurred to you that your cat loves you? He wants to be with you, share his favorite times with you, maybe even offer you some of his food. If he’s young or you haven’t had him long, he may feel insecure about being away from you, even to go eat…something dangerous could be there, like something he feels would be a threat, and he relies on you for protection at a critical time…meals! If you become angry, yell at him, etc., and refuse to be with him, he will eventually learn to eat alone, but then you’ll be back here asking why your formerly loving cat is now aloof and not affectionate anymore. Or, you could simply schedule both your meals so you’re eating at the same time. If not for companionship, why did you even get a cat?

Q: I just adopted two 6-week-old kittens. I gave them some regular cow’s milk but they don’t want to drink it, even with a syringe.

A: Why would you give them milk that contains lactose? Cats are lactose intolerant. If they’re still in need of nursing, they need KMR , Kitten Milk Replacer, available at most pet supply outlets. Their natural appetite (by instinct) is telling them not to drink what you’re offering. Now, it’s possible they’re ready to start eating solid food, too. Try some canned food and dilute it with warm water or warmed KMR so they can lap it up. This is near the age when some cat mothers begin weaning their babies. Please, also, find some information online on how to raise kittens. Your vet might be a good source, but not necessarily. Read as much as you can from reliable sources.

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