Robot cats by Hasbro offer companionship for seniors

I can’t tell you how many cats I’ve rescued from homes where their senior owners passed away and the families were either unable or unwilling to deal with “Mom’s cats.” Worse, many seniors are forced to give up their beloved pets when they must move to assisted living or a nursing home. Sometimes this is required even when they move in with their children, who may not appreciate or have room for Mom’s cat.

Now there is a great option: robotic cats. No messy litter box. No trips to the vet. No pet food costs. No hair balls on the bed. And while it can be difficult to accept the fact that sometimes one’s memory can fail, it won’t harm the Robo Cat if it misses too many meals.

This is a cat you can truly “put on the shelf till you’re ready to play with it.” Real cats require regular and consistent care and attention, which often proves to be a major challenge to the very young as well as older folks.

Children have been playing with stuffed toy cats and other animals for years. Now it’s Grandma’s and Grandpa’s turn!

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This short story collection isn’t just about entertainment; it also shows how people’s lives can be enriched by the companionship of cats. Some of them are about extreme sorrow after losing a very special feline friend…never “just a cat.” Others are humorous, and though one might smile reading them, the underlying message is still about the bond of friendship that is unique to cats. Three more tales with happy endings prove that perseverance really can save the day, as it did for Baxter, Ciego and Stubby. (Get it Here.)

The cats in these stories didn’t make headlines and weren’t mentioned on the 10 o’clock news, but their lives have been no less amazing, inspiring, adventurous and humorous than their famous counterparts, nor less deserving of attention.

Read about Twister, the cat that literally dragged a rock across Alaska (OK, not all at once), and the predicaments she got into.

“The Cat That Shopped For a New Home” teaches us that strays aren’t homeless because they want to be, but more importantly, they don’t have to be.

As everyone knows, cats have a singular ability to find the one person in the room who dislikes cats. Be sure to read what Goldie did to Aunt Marie!

Then keep a tissue handy as you read about Radar, Beaster and Karlos, all especially poignant tales of kitty love – and loss.

While some of these short tales are heartwarming – or heartbreaking – they demonstrate the depth of the bond that often forms between us and the cats who come into our lives.

Our celebrity author is Stu Bykofsky, a well known journalist at the Philadelphia Daily News. He has a book of his own, published at the same time, called Cats Are Supermodels. We are honored to have his contribution to our book, and I’m honored to be mentioned in his. See his link on the right, under Recommended Reading.

Another experienced author graciously contributed to Our Amazing Cats: Nancy Dutton, a Colorado writer whose poetry book also appears on the right side of this page.

Using advanced desktop publishing services available at, this book went from inspiration to completion in less than 6 months. “Our Amazing Cats” is currently available Here.

~R.J. Peters, Editor and Author