Two New Books, Just Published!

I’ve been busy this year with books and have managed to make two of them available on Kindle, and one ebook is now in print format. I also created a “blank book” for people who like to keep diaries or journals, called Some Incredibly Important Notes To Myself.  This can be used to journal about your cats, too.

You can see all the cat books listed on the Book List page (click Book List above), but for your convenience, here is a “quick list” of all the links:

Some Incredibly Important Notes to Myself   (a blank book for journaling about anything)

Making Cat Ownership Fun and Simple  (a transcript of an interview)

Moving With Pets  (newly formatted for Kindle)

Cat Lady Collection  (newly formatted for print)

Our Amazing Cats

Our Amazing Cats, Vol. 2

How to Make Your Cat Adore You

7 Steps to 9 Lives



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